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    defective prescription

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    Motorcycle injury

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Auto Defect resulting in death


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Austin MAL

Why You Should Maintain Your Motorcycle

Owning and riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling venture. Many people view the vehicle as a symbol of freedom and excitement. Indeed, blazing down Texas roads with the wind howling around you and the open sky above your head is one of the main reasons people ride motorcycles. Few vehicles can offer a comparable experience.

In all of their joy and excitement, however, many motorcycle owners forget that their vehicle is a piece of equipment; a machine. Most machines require constant care to operate in optimal conditions, and motorcycles are no different. Responsible owners put in the time and effort for proper motorcycle maintenance, periodically checking fluid levels, inspecting parts, and making necessary repairs.

But what is the benefit of continual maintenance? After all, proper care of a motorcycle requires a sizable amount of time, effort, and money. What are the returns for your invested resources? Here are three reasons why you should maintain your motorcycle:

#1: Avoid Issues on the Road

The last thing any motorcyclist wants to experience is a breakdown on the road. The failure of your vehicle may result in several hours of wasted time, interfering with your schedule. Of course, sometimes motorcycle breakdowns are unforeseeable: for example, hitting a stray nail while driving down the highway, thus causing a tire to blowout. That said, many issues can be identified before leaving the driveway. Constant surveillance of your vehicle's performance means you will be able to catch these issues and correct them before they develop into bigger problems down the road (literally).

#2: Prevent Accidents

Issues on the road do not always end in break downs on the side of the highway. Sometimes the results can be more disastrous: motorcycle accidents can often be an unfortunate product of mechanical failure. For example, poorly-kept tires might blow out, causing you to lose control of your motorcycle, or the brakes may fail. Responsible motorcyclists ensure their vehicle is in safe, optimal conditions before driving on the road.

#3: Keep Costs Down

Unless you store your motorcycle in a glass case inside your garage, your motorcycle will experience natural "wear and tear" as you continue to ride it. Sometimes, this means a nick on the paint; other times, this means a vital part of the engine breaking from general use. Catching these issues early before they can cause serious damage to your motorcycle can help keep the costs of repair down. For example, an oil change is a relatively cheap maintenance procedure. However, continuing to drive your motorcycle without ever changing your oil can make the costs rise exponentially, and you may end up with thousands of dollars in damage to your motorcycle.
Maintaining your vehicle is an essential part of proper motorcycle ownership. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident with an irresponsible owner, contact Colley & Colley immediately. We will examine your case with years of knowledge and experience and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. For more information, contact a lawyer in Tyler, Texas today.