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    Motorcycle injury

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Auto Defect resulting in death


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Austin MAL

5 tips for Motorcycle Maitenance

Just like any other mode of transportation motorcycles require proper maintenance in order for them to operate efficiently. Regular motorcycle maintenance can prevent potential accidents on the road. Injury from bike accidents are usually more serious than that of an automobile accident because of lack of the protection a bike can offer.

1. Routinely change oil

Regularly changing your oil can make the engine of your bike last longer. Without scheduled oil changes the parts of your bike roughly grind against each other and wear down. If you are unsure about how often to change your oil most owners manuals offer that information.

2. Manage air filters

When riding down the highway with the wind passing through your hair other foreign objects may be passing through your filters. Twigs, dirt, insects may get caught in your air filters. Frequently checking your filters and cleaning out what doesn't belong allows flow of air to the cylinders. Any object that blocks flow of air through filters can damage your cylinders or valves.

3. Check tire pressure

Low tire pressure can be the cause of a serious road accident. Routinely checking your tire pressure can help avoid a wear in the tire or a blown tire. Environmental factors are often the cause of low tire pressure. Cold temperatures and sharp objects lodging themselves into the tire can reduce your tire pressure. Sometimes these things occur without warning, for this reasons it is recommended that you check your tire pressure as directed in your owners manual.

4. Oiling your chain

The chain of your bike often requires the most maintenance. Grease and dirt as well as other unwanted substances can wear down you chain. Cleaning your bike chain and keeping it regularly oiled can extend the amount of time before replacement. When lubricating you chain be sure to wipe away excess so that it does not build. Eventually your bike chain and sprockets will wear down to the point where a new ones are needed. If you are unsure when to change your chain most owners manuals will list provide this information. Ignoring the signs of extreme wear in the chain or sprockets can be very dangerous. Broken chains can harm you while driving and cause you to harm other drivers.

5. Replace fluids

Replacing the hydraulic fluid in your bike is a maintenance necessity that is often overlooked. Hydraulic fluid runs through your brakes and and clutch systems and overtime absorbs water. The absorbed water boils when the brakes or clutch is used, which causes the whole system to become ineffectual. Your owners manual becomes very handy when changing your fluids. It instructs you on how to change you brake and hydraulic fluids, it shows you where your reservoirs are located, when to stop filling up, and it even suggests how often you should change your fluids.

Routine motorcycle maintenance does not consume a lot of your time. It can be simple if you follow the owners manual, however what is complicated is dealing with hospital bills and insurance claims after an accident. Be safe and keep others safe by maintaining your bike.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, feel free to contact us at Colley and Colley.