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    defective prescription

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    Motorcycle injury

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Mechanical Failures and Auto Accidents

Planning a road trip for the summer? Perhaps you are thinking about visiting one of Texas' beaches, or traveling over to east Texas, where you can surround yourself in nature at the Big Bend National Park. Maybe you aim to stay closer to home and visit your town's local attractions. Regardless of where you spend your free time this summer, you will be driving to get there -- along with thousands of other drivers on the Texas roads. Learning more about automobile accidents is the first step to staying safe this summer. You may not be faulty of reckless driving or drunk driving, but there is another cause of auto accidents that many overlook until it is too late: mechanical failures.

This refers to when a vehicle performs improperly or breaks down due to one of its parts, damaged or otherwise, failing to work as intended. These incidents sometimes only have minor consequences--the driver must pull over to the side of the road and call for assistance, for example--but on other occasions, the results can be catastrophic, even deadly. Below you will find some common examples of mechanical failures.

Tire Inflation and Wear

Tires carry your vehicle along the road, so it is essential they are in prime operating condition. While auto inspectors typically do this job for you, it is a good idea to check the pressure and inflation level of your vehicle's tires from time to time. Over-inflation and under-inflation can cause the tire to overheat or blowout. The responsible owner also inspects his or her car for tire wear. Worn tires do not provide traction and may make the vehicle more susceptible to slipping and sliding in poor road conditions.

Faulty Window Wipers

In poor road conditions, window wipers allow you to maintain vision of the road and other vehicles. With faulty wipers, you can become practically blinded by the downfall of snow, rain, or sleet, which can cause you to crash into obstacles or other vehicles. Window wipers are also designed to release a fluid that cleans the windshield of stains that may obstruct your view, which can inhibit your driving ability and lead to accidents.

Bad Brakes

Brakes are one of the most fundamental components of your vehicle, allowing you to stop from high speeds. The road would be a much dangerous place without them. Brakes naturally wear down over time and must be replaced, so it is imperative to keep an eye on them. Many drivers push back changing their brakes and refilling their vehicle's brake fluid, and one day they may find themselves unable to stop their car. Automobile accidents that might have been avoided or minimized with braking now become disastrous collisions with serious consequences.

As a driver, you are responsible to ensure your vehicle does not suffer these mechanical failures and meet appropriate safety standards. If you were in an automobile accident with another driver with a faulty vehicle, you may be able file a claim.

Colley & Colley Law Firm will investigate your situation with professional knowledge and experience so that you may be able to understand your options and rights. To get started, contact an experienced attorney in Texas today.