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    Auto Defect resulting
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    defective prescription

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    Motorcycle injury

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Auto Defect resulting in death


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Related Articles

Common Automobile Accidents

It is very difficult to anticipate automobile accidents while on the road. Automobile accidents can occur within seconds without forewarning. Sometimes it takes just a few moments of our eyes of the road for an accident to occur. Distracted driving, speeding, and other reckless driving behavior on the road can easily be the cause of automobile accidents.

1. Side swipe car accidents

Side swipe accidents usually occur when a driver is actively trying to avoid a T-bone accident. The driver may take precautions or actions to avoid colliding into the side of another vehicle. Side swipe accidents can also happen when a driver changing lanes misses someone hidden in their blind spot. In comparison to other accident types the damages and injuries sustained in side swipe accidents are usually minor. However, the sudden impact may still cause head, neck, and shoulder injury. Sudden jerks and other involuntary movement can cause great discomfort to vehicle occupants.

2. Fender Benders

Fender benders are the mildest type of car accidents. The aftermath of fender benders are usually low impact, mild damage, and moderate injury. In more serious cases victims of fender benders may suffer whiplash or other neck and head injury. Damage to the bender may mild or it may require time spent in the auto shop. The stress that accompanies a fender bender is usually moderate. Most insurance companies are able to handle these types of claims with relative ease and the hospital time may be minimal.

3. Rollover car accidents

A number of contributing factors can cause rollover accidents

  • driving while under the influence
  • falling asleep at the wheel and overcorrecting the wheel
  • collisions with other vehicles
  • defective products (tires)

Injuries and damages sustained in rollover accidents usually fall on the extreme side of the spectrum. Sometimes these automobile drivers are killed on impact because of extreme force and momentum. In other situations they are trapped in their vehicles. When determining liability for these accidents various factors can lead to an informed decision. Paint marks, chips, and scratches can be an indication of traveling speed, velocity, and direction.

4. Angled car accidents

In an angled car accident the colliding vehicle made a blunt and guided line in the direction of another vehicle. Angel degree can range from 5 to a 45 degree angle. Sometimes it may be difficult to determine if the accident was a t-bone accident or an angled accident. Similarities exist between the two making it difficult to distinguish the two types. These type of accidents can be caused by a number of things. Crossing over major lanes, speeding through red lights, and residual momentum from a secondary impact. The level of damage and injury may range depending on the circumstances involving the collision.

If you have sustained injuries or damages from an automobile accident listed above or not listed, contact us at Colley and Colley.