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How Texas Helmet Laws Affect Motorcycle Crash Claims

Motorcyclists are at a higher risk for accidents than other drivers. They don’t have the same stability and visibility that a car does. If a crash does happen, your chances of severe injuries are increased due to the lack of surrounding safety features that a car is required to have.

What happens to your compensation if you weren’t wearing a helmet during your accident? You might not be sure how Texas helmet laws can affect motorcycle crash claims, but it’s important to consider.

If you were in an accident without a helmet, you might have suffered more serious injuries, and now you need compensation. Before you file your claim, however, talk to your lawyer about helmet laws and how they might affect your claim.

Are Helmets Required in Texas?

For most riders, helmets are a requirement. They protect your safety, and they can drastically reduce the possibility of a brain injury or death, should an accident happen. But, some people in Texas have the option to forgo a helmet under certain exemptions.

First, motorcyclists must be older than 21 before they’re able to apply for an exemption. After that, they’ll need to carry the right health insurance coverage to be allowed to ride without a helmet. This insurance is intended to cover you in an accident and shows that you accept the risks that come with riding without a helmet.

You might be eligible to ride without the restrictions of a helmet, but should you? If you’re in an accident without a helmet, your settlement could be reduced.

Not Wearing a Helmet Can Reduce Your Settlement

Although you might be allowed to ride without a helmet legally, it can still harm your claim. Because Texas can decrease the amount of compensation you receive based on your percentage of fault in the accident, the defense might try to affect your compensation by accusing you of negligence.

Let’s say you were riding without a helmet when a car hit you. You suffered a severe brain injury, making it impossible to work, ride, or enjoy life as you once did. Although it seems that the other driver was at fault for the injury, they might claim you were partially responsible because you chose not to protect yourself with a helmet.

Your injuries wouldn’t have been as serious had you been wearing a helmet, and they might argue that they shouldn’t have to pay the full amount of your damages.

A Lawyer can Fight for Your Compensation

If you’re not aware of how Texas helmet laws can affect motorcycle crash claims, you could be putting your compensation at risk. This means spending more out of your own pocket to cover the injuries someone else caused.

If you’re concerned about protecting your compensation and navigating Texas’s motorcycle helmet laws, reach out to the lawyers at Colley Firm, PC. Our experienced team of lawyers will help protect your claim from accusations of fault.

Get started now with a free consultation with a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Austin. We’ll discuss your claim and how we plan to protect your compensation if you weren’t wearing a helmet. For more information about our services, call 1-877-411-2001 or complete the online form below.