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  • $3,000,000

    Defective car
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    Auto Defect resulting
    in death

  • $3,000,000

    defective prescription

  • $1,600,000

    Motorcycle injury

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Defective Car Seat Injury


Auto Defect resulting in death


defective prescription


Motorcycle injury

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Texas Oil Field Accident Aftermath

Working in the oil field can be very risky and laborers are prone to accidents while on the job. According to the US Bureau of Labor, Texas is home to almost 40% of all work-related injuries in the oil and gas industry across America. Not only do these injuries cause long lasting physical pain and rehab, but they also cause financial loss from medical bills and inability to perform at work. If you were in an oil field accident in Texas, there are a few things that a personal injury lawyer can help you with in order to get compensation for your injuries and time.

What To Do After an Accident

The attorneys at Colley & Colley law firm in Tyler, Texas are experienced in oil field accident personal injury cases. After properly getting your physical wounds taken care of, your next step should be to call an attorney. Working with your company and insurance provider can be very confusing for someone with no prior knowledge or experience with work-related injuries. Colley & Colley lawyers can ensure these companies do not take advantage of your lack of knowledge and can help you seek full compensation.

Possible Compensation

The circumstances that caused your oil field accident injury will determine what sort of assistance you need. Most people think first of medical bills since they are actively increasing during the time after the accident. If the injury permanently impairs you, there are more chances for compensation than if you are only available for a month.

Medical Bills - including all past and future visits made on a count of the oil field accident

Pain and Suffering - physical and emotional stress caused by the injury that impairs your everyday life for any period of time

Current and future - covers the length you were unable to work due to the injury

Disability payments - in the case of permanent injury

Education - if the damage rendered you unable to work in your field ever again, you can receive support to learn a new trade

Who Is Liable for Oil Field Accidents?

Only a few regulations have been passed to properly ensure the safety of oil field work environments by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, but Texas oil fields still account for a large portion of all work-related injuries or fatalities. If your company directly falls out of line with the safety codes with no intention of increasing work environment safety, it is likely they will be found responsible for your injury. If you are injured by malfunctioning machinery, you may need to file a third-party suit against the machine manufacturing company.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in an oil field accident in Texas and needs help, contact Colley & Colley law firm in Tyler, Texas for a free consultation.