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Road Rage: 4 Things to Know


Last Tuesday, January 26, a road rage incident in Austin, Texas was captured on camera and shows two men fighting each other in the middle of traffic.  A woman in Arlington, Texas was shot and killed during a road rage incident last Thursday on January 28.  Back in December 2015, a road rage incident involved one man receiving a non-life threatening gunshot wound in his arm in Harrison County on FM 2208.  Road rage incidents seem to be occurring more often and becoming more violent.  Here are some tips on how to recognize road rage and how to protect yourself from them.

Speeding & Tailgating

Drivers with road rage are often in a rush, driving way above the speed limit.  They usually tailgate drivers going the speed limit or below, and they usually weave in and out of traffic to get ahead of other cars.

When you’re being tailgated, do not speed up, but remain at your constant speed or gradually slow down.  Chances are the tailgater will angrily pass you.  It’s also not a good idea to tap on your brakes.  This could cause the tailgater to crash into you and could further enrage the driver.  If you can, safely pull over to the side of the road.  Yes, you may have to swallow your pride or own irritation, but it’s not worth risking your safety.

Remain in the right-hand lane when you’re not passing other vehicles.  If you’re in the fast lane and a driver comes speeding up to you, pull into the right lane to let them pass.

Obscene Gestures

People with road rage can resort to flashing rude gestures at you.  Do not be provoked by these, but remain calm.  Engaging with a person who is angry makes the situation worse and put you at further risk of an accident.  Handle this situation the same way, pulling over and getting away from the driver as soon and as safely as possible.

Drivers Following You

If you do come to a situation where you believe an enraged driver is following you in order to confront you, drive to a police station.  If you do not know where the nearest police station is, drive to a public place where many people can see you.  As the two men in the Austin road rage incident showed us, a public place may not make a difference.  If you feel you’re in danger, call the police.

Forgive & Drive On

The AAA foundation says that road rage generally occurs when a person is going through an emotional time.  The best way to deal with an aggressive driver is to get out of their way and the worst thing to do is further provoke their anger.  It can be hard for many drivers to excuse a rude driver without trying to send them a message (like honking the horn or flashing the headlights), but to prevent any more dangerous behavior, it’s important to forgive the driver and let it go.

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident as a result of road rage, contact Colley & Colley law firm in Tyler, Texas for a free consultation.  We are dedicated to providing you the best legal counsel for your specific case.