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If you have been injured by a dangerous, defective product, you may be unable to work and face severe stress over your bills and your future. What are your rights? Can you file a lawsuit and collect financial damages for the harm done to you?

The idea of taking legal action against an auto manufacturer, pharmaceutical company or other large corporation may be intimidating, but our lawyers have done so successfully many times over the past three decades. We will investigate what happened to you and find the best course of action, based on real-world legal knowledge and your specific circumstances.

Millions Recovered for Victims of Auto Defects and Dangerous Medical Products

Both attorneys at our firm — Paul Colley Jr., based in Austin, and Paul Colley, Jr. in Tyler — have extensive product liability case experience. Many of these cases involved wrongful death and other catastrophic outcomes due to manufacturers' negligence, and we have recovered many millions of dollars in compensation for victims and family members tragically left behind.

Our experience covers product liability claims arising from defective design and manufacture, failure to warn of known risks, and other types of negligence. We have held powerful companies and insurers financially accountable for harm done to our clients by:

Bringing Trial Experience and Top-Quality Resources to Your Case

Successful defective product lawsuits require extensive research and expert testimony. At Colley & Colley, L.L.P., we have the knowledge and resources to identify the best course of action for you and offer solid guidance every step of the way. We can help you make sound decisions about accepting a settlement or taking your case all the way through trial.

To consult free with East Texas and Austin product liability attorneys who have obtained numerous six-figure and seven-figure recoveries for victims of dangerous products, call 844.325.9290 or contact our law firm by e-mail today.