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    Motorcycle injury

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Personal Injury at the Stadium

Summer is in full swing in Texas. All across the state, children, students, and adults alike are flocking to various events and parks to  relax or catch a thrill. Riding coasters at an amusement park, boating across the lake, and tanning on the Gulf of Mexico beaches are only a few examples of Texans' favorite pastimes.

What about going to stadiums to see a concert or watching a game? These hubs of activity come in a variety of different shapes and sizes--from Baylor University's mountainous football stadium to the Frank Erwin Center, a circular powerhouse. Stadiums are designed to host large events, such as sports games, concerts, or conferences. As a guest to one of these events, you will be pushing your way through hundreds of people, maneuvering up crowded stair wells and walkways, and navigating across multiple floors.

In such a busy environment, accidents are bound to happen. Here are some of the more common occurrences that occur at big stadium events.

#1: Slip and Fall Injury

As with many public locations, like grocery stores, slipping and falling while attending an event is a common occurrence. Most of the time, injuries are minor, such as a bruised elbow or scratched knee, but victims of more serious falls (such as tripping down a stairwell) can result in broken bones. Contrary to what many might think, a slip and fall injury does not automatically establish a ground for a lawsuit. Most slip and fall lawsuits are successful because the plaintiff could prove that injury was caused by negligence. For example, if a floor or stairwell is slippery, and the staff fails to recognize and fix the issue within a reasonable amount of time, and this inaction leads to an injury, there may be grounds for a lawsuit.

#2: Alcohol Injuries and Dram Shop

Stadiums often serve alcohol at their events. While there is nothing inherently wrong with serving adult beverages, intoxicated guests can cause trouble. Worse, an intoxicated driver may crash on his or her way home from the event, leading to injury or property damage. Texas has adopted the Dram Shop Act, which states that a supplier of alcohol may be liable for damages suffered if the supplier serves alcohol to guests who are clearly intoxicated and might be a threat to the safety of others.

#3: Crime Injuries

Stadiums are not exempt from criminal acts, such as theft and sexual assault. Texas premises law states that owners of public facilities are legally obligated to keep the campus safe for guests at all times. This includes providing adequate security. If you are injured as a result of criminal action, you may only file a case against the stadium owner if it shown that the owner did not uphold security standards, such as poor lighting, faulty or disable security cameras, or lack of trained security staff.

Have you been in an accident at a big stadium or event? Do you feel like someone may be liable? The most accurate way of assessing your situation is to consult a personal injury lawyer. Colley & Colley will thoroughly analyze your circumstances with professional care and help you understand your rights. To get started, contact an experienced East Texas attorney today.