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Ogar the K-9 Officer Shot After Chase Down




On January 19, 2016, Deputy Constable Kevin Petty stopped Michael Paul Koch, a man from the Grand Saline area for a routine traffic stop near FM 849 at I-20 West.  However, when Koch stopped his vehicle, he fled into the woods.  DC Petty released Ogar, a Smith County Deputy Constable K-9, to chase Koch.  Unfortunately after hearing gunshots, DC Petty found Ogar killed in the line of duty.

KLTV reports that Koch is still on the run and police officers have been actively pursuing the criminal this week.  They have expanded their search to three counties including Smith, Wood, and Van Zandt counties.  Officers consider Koch to be armed and dangerous and warn East Texas residents to be on the lookout.  If you know any information about Koch, please call 911 immediately.

A memorial service for Ogar will be held this Saturday, January 23 beginning at 1PM at First Baptist Church Lindale (111 E. Hubbard).

It’s a scary prospect to put yourself in an officer’s shoes and imagine conducting a traffic stop.  The officer is unsure whether the driver is armed and whether the driver will be compliant.  Unfortunately, Ogar’s sacrifice for protecting the community reminds us of the dangers law officers face every day.  Here are some tips on how to be a compliant, law-abiding citizen if you’re ever pulled over for a traffic stop.

Pull Over ASAP

When you see an officer’s lights, you should immediately look for a place to pull over.  Try to pull into a driveway or parking lot to keep both you and the officer safe from the traffic rushing by.

Turn Off Your Engine

Once you’ve safely pulled over, turn off your engine and set your keys on the dashboard.  Do not under any circumstance reach for your license or insurance until the officer asks you to do so.  If the officer sees you digging around in your car, the officer may assume you’re reaching for a weapon.  Roll down your window enough to effectively communicate with the officer and allow yourself room to hand over your license and insurance.

Comply with the Officer

When an officer gives you an order, comply with it.  Do not hesitate and do not question the order because this can make you appear suspicious and put the officer on alert.  Though you’re not legally required to speak other than answering identification questions, using respectful responses with “sir or ma’am” can show the officer that you are cooperative.

Remain Calm

Getting pulled over for speeding or running a red light is never fun, but the officer is simply doing their job.  Do not be defensive or hysterical because this can also lead an officer to suspect you’re involved in illegal activity.  Remain calm and comply with the officer, keeping both parties at ease.

If you need legal advice or have been injured in a car accident, contact Colley & Colley law firm in Tyler, Texas for a free consultation.