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    defective prescription

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    Motorcycle injury

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Auto Defect resulting in death


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Houston Property Damage Lawyer

When natural disasters and severe weather strike, property damage is inevitable, and so are unfair claim denials from insurance companies. For help getting the insurance coverage you’ve been paying for, contact a Houston property damage attorney.

When you pay to insure your property, you expect the insurance company to have you covered when something damages that property. Whether it’s your home, car, or other property, you deserve the insurance benefits you pay for each month.

But no matter how much you deserve the benefits, insurers won’t hesitate to take an opportunity to refuse to pay you. Insurance companies are working for profits, after all, and paying you your fair share isn’t going to help them boost their quarterly earnings.

For you, the likely bottom line is getting the compensation your insurance company owes you for your property damage. That’s something a Houston property damage lawyer can help you with. To get started, reach out to the Colley Firm, PC.

Types of Property Damage

Property damage can take a multitude of forms, and none of them are pleasant. Houston residents recently saw the economic effects of property damage in a big, terrifying way when Hurricane Harvey struck, for example.

The following are some common types of property damage:

  • Wind Damage – Hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, and the like can bring with them winds that can rock skyscrapers, topple trees, and strip fields of their vegetation. Those kinds of winds can also flip cars with ease and tear parts of the roof off of your home.
  • Flooding – Hurricane Harvey and similar storms have brought with them floods that make Houston roads look like rivers. When those flood waters reach your home or vehicle, the damage is likely to be catastrophic.
  • Fire – Droughts, accidents, and even hurricanes can spark fires that can quickly engulf multiple buildings. Fire damage to your home is likely to make the building unlivable for an extended period.
  • Soil Movement – During periods of extreme drought and under other circumstances, soil movement can cause severe damage to the foundation of your home. Paying to fix that damage can deliver a fatal blow to your financial stability.

No matter what kind of property damage you’re dealing with in Houston, a qualified and experienced attorney can help you as you pursue what your insurance company owes you.

Compensation for the Damage to Your Property

When you filed your initial property damage claim with your insurance company, you had a specific amount of compensation in mind because you had an idea of the damage your property had sustained. But if the insurance company unfairly denied your claim, your expenses have likely increased since then.

A Houston damaged property lawyer can help you file a claim against your insurance company that will account for both the property damage you’ve suffered and the additional damages you endured as a result of your insurance company’s unfair tactics.

Additional damages you might be able to pursue include emotional distress your insurer caused you and the cost of finding an alternative living situation while your home was unlivable.

Speak with a Houston Property Damage Attorney

The attorneys at the Colley Firm, PC are dedicated to helping victims of property damage get the compensation they’re owed from their insurance companies. To speak with a Houston property damage lawyer at our Katy office, give us a call at 832-838-6601 or head to the bottom of this page to fill out our online contact form.