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  • $3,000,000

    Defective car
    seat injury

  • $2,500,000

    Auto Defect resulting
    in death

  • $3,000,000

    defective prescription

  • $1,600,000

    Motorcycle injury

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Defective Car Seat Injury


Auto Defect resulting in death


defective prescription


Motorcycle injury

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Austin MAL

Gear Every Motorcyclist Should Own

High speeds, roaring winds, open skies--these are all aspects of motorcycling that many people find appealing. Indeed, many motorcyclists purchased their vehicles to escape the confines of standard motorized cars and trucks. And there’s no better place than Texas to experience wide open roads beneath a clear blue sky.

However, the heightened freedom of a motorcycle comes with a price: safety. Motorcycle accidents are often far more serious than other car accidents--unlike car and truck drivers, motorcyclists can easily be ejected off their vehicles, which can result in severe injuries to the head and neck. To minimize risk of injury, motorcyclists should always use proper safety equipment when operating their vehicle. You likely already know to wear a motorcycle helmet, but here are some other pieces of equipment all motorcyclists should own:

Motorcycle Jacket

Perhaps one of the most essential -- and iconic -- piece of equipment any motorcyclist should own is a motorcycle jacket. Motorcycle jackets serve multiple purposes. First, they protect you from wind burns and sunburns while driving under the open sky. Second, they help protect “road burns” and skin abrasion if you fall from your vehicle. Lastly, motorcycle jackets are the signature outfits of motorcyclists, and many people view them as stylish.

Motorcycle Pants

While you may not be able to find “motorcycle pants” at the store, you should always wear pants when driving your motorcycle. You may be tempted to pass on pants when driving your motorcycle, especially in Texas’s sweltering heat, but the protection from the pants will  minimize risk, which is always worth the discomfort. Pants can also prevent sunburn and windburn on your legs, as well as road burns if you fall from your vehicle.

Motorcycle Boots and Gloves

Your hands and feet contain fragile bones that can easily break or fracture. Given the high-impact nature of many motorcycle accidents -- even minor accidents -- you should invest in tough, impact-resistant gloves and boots. While this does not guarantee protection in the case of an accident, it minimizes the risks of broken bones..

Motorcycle Goggles or Glasses

If your motorcycle helmet does not come with a visor, it is imperative you invest in a pair of motorcycle goggles or glasses. Protection for your eyes is of utmost importance when driving down the road. Bugs, debris, liquids, or other items may fly at your face without warning, and wearing eye protection prevents vision loss.

Even with all the proper gear, motorcycle accidents still happen. If you are a victim of an accident, the first thing you should do is contact Colley & Colley. Navigating through the legal processes after accidents is a task best left to the professionals. To learn more about how we can win the compensation you deserve, contact an experienced attorney in East Texas today.