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Austin MAL

Frequent Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

A motorcycle crash can easily turn deadly. Motorcycles aren’t built with safety in mind—there are few barriers between you and the road. Avoiding the most frequent causes of motorcycle crashes can be what stands between you and severe, possibly fatal injuries.

Protect yourself by watching for drivers who may not be looking out for you and signs of hazards that could harm you. While this may not protect you from every reckless driver, it can help you prepare for when others are careless.  

Reckless Driving

One of the clearest dangers to motorcyclists is drivers who aren’t watching for motorcycles. Whether they’re speeding, crossing lanes without using their turn signals, or driving aggressively, they put motorcyclists and other drivers at risk with their actions.

These drivers aren’t just putting you at risk—they’re breaking the law. Aggressive drivers could be fined or charged for their actions, and a lawyer can use this to your advantage as you seek compensation through a civil suit.

Drowsy Driving

Driving at night is already hazardous. While you might have taken proper safety precautions, such as wearing your helmet and using your headlights, not all motorists drive carefully. They may be driving for longer than they should, or they may be driving drowsy.

In these cases, they’re putting you at risk for a serious motorcycle crash. People driving without their full attention on the road may not notice you, which puts you in danger. A driver who was having trouble staying awake might have left you seriously injured. You deserve compensation for that.

Road Hazards

Not all dangers will come from other drivers. In some cases, you might have been the only person involved in the motorcycle crash, but it may not have been your fault. Road conditions can harm motorcyclists.

Motorcycles are especially vulnerable to road hazards, such as potholes and other damage to the roadway. Your vehicle isn’t as sturdy or balanced as a car, so hitting a hazard like a pothole could cause a crash. In these cases, the government road authority might be responsible for your injuries.

If the government agency responsible for the roads didn’t address road hazards, filing a claim against the government could get you the compensation you need. Be sure to move quickly in this case—claims against the government must be filed within six months.

Get Help After Your Motorcycle Crash

Sadly, you might have suffered because another driver wasn’t acting with the proper amount of care or because the road had been neglected by road authorities. If you’ve suffered from one of these frequent causes of motorcycle crashes, a lawyer from the Colley Firm, PC can help.

When another party leaves you badly injured and in need of compensation to cover your injuries, you shouldn’t have to wonder how you’re going to get by. Protect your chance to get what you’re owed by speaking with our attorneys and getting your case started with a free consultation. For more information, call us at 1-877-411-2001 or fill out the form below.