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Drinking? Here Are 4 Safe Ways to Get Home

Nobody ever leaves home and thinks, "I am going to drink and drive tonight". More realistic mindsets would be along the lines of, "I am going out to have fun, but I am not going to drink", or  "I am only going to drink just a little bit", or "I can handle myself tonight; I'll be fine if I have some drinks".

Thinking and believing these things is one thing, what actually happens during the night is another. It is easy to forget about these initial thoughts when you are in the heat of the moment, especially in high-energy social situations, such as clubs or parties.  While there is nothing inherently illegal in being intoxicated (when above age), getting in a car and driving under the influence can land you in some serious trouble.  You may find yourself intoxicated and/or impaired at the end of the night even when you were not planning on it. Don't worry! You still have options that are both legal and safe for you and everyone around you.

#1: Call a friend.

You have likely heard the phrase before: friends don't let friends drink and drive. If you are intoxicated at the end of the night, call a (sober) friend to come pick you up and take you home. A concerned friend will come to your aid, even if it is late at night. Chances are that they would rather you disturb their sleep than risk driving home drunk.

#2: Call a cab.

What should you do if all of your friends and family are unavailable? Many people would just drive themselves home at this point, but you have another option: call a cab. Smartphones with internet capabilities can access websites and apps that provide local cab listings and rates. Many cabs are available late at night specifically for the purpose of bringing home people from social outings. The fee for late-night pickup might be higher as compared to daytime rates, but the cost will always be worth avoiding the risk and legal trouble of drunk driving.

#3: Stay where you are, if possible.

Another option to solving your late-night intoxication is to simply stay where you are for the night, if possible. If you are at a house, tell the host that you feel too intoxicated to drive home safely and ask their permission to spend the night somewhere in the home. Many hosts will be accommodating (in fact, smart party hosts expect it), and you save yourself from the risks of driving home drunk.

#4: Use public transportation.

Many cities offer special late-night public transportation to locals looking to find a safe ride home. For example, Austin is home to the Night Owl bus service, which offers bus rides from midnight to 3am throughout the greater Austin metro area. As with cabs, fees for bus rides late night may be more expensive than costs during the day, but the money is always worth it.

What NOT to do: Drink and Drive

Regardless of what you decide to do at the end of the night, do not drive while you are intoxicated. Drunk driving is a leading cause of many accidents both in Texas and across America. Even if you are not in an accident, you can still be fined and even sent to jail if you are caught drinking and driving.

Want more information about drunk driving? Have you been in a drunk driving accident? Colley & Colley is here to help with all of your legal counseling needs. Contact an experienced attorney in East Texas today!