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Austin Personal Injury Blog

Personal Injury Claims: Where to Start

Posted on: 09/05/2018

Your whole world has just been flipped upside-down. You’ve been injured in an accident. All you want is to set your world right, but you have no idea how to go about it. Your injuries have left you with mountains of medical bills, missed wages, physical pain, and... read more

Oilfield Accidents and Injuries: What to Do

Posted on: 26/04/2018

People who work in the oil sector have a higher risk of injury than workers in almost any other industry. That’s due in part to the extreme hazards involved in working on an oil rig. Accidents in oilfields are far too common, despite the fact that Texas has enacted safety regulations and programs that are meant to protect employees from harm. When you do suffer an injury... read more

What to Do When You’ve Been Hit by a Drunk Driver

Posted on: 23/03/2018

Getting hit by another driver is serious enough on its own. When that driver is drunk, however, the situation can feel especially cruel. No matter how much you did to avoid a crash, the other driver chose to drive drunk and injure you or a loved one. You deserve justice f... read more

Is Botched Plastic Surgery Medical Malpractice?

Posted on: 08/02/2018

Many people confuse plastic surgery with cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure done to enhance a person’s physical appearance, while plastic surgery is a procedure to reconstruct a person’s face or body due to an injury or birth defect of some kind. Because plastic surgery is not an elective procedure, but one done to correct physical damage, it i... read more

Three Reasons Why Drunk Driving Is Dangerous

Posted on: 07/11/2017

Drunk driving is the leading cause for motor vehicle accidents across the nation. Hundreds of people get behind the wheel every day after they’ve had a few too many drinks. Whether due to naiveté or just plain arrogance, too many people are pu... read more