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Austin Truck Accident PTSD Lawyer

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a serious psychological condition most people associate with combat veterans, can be a long-term or even lifelong battle for those afflicted. Many people don’t realize that people can acquire PTSD after experiencing any kind of traumatic event, such as car and truck accidents. For many victims, the emotional scars can be as difficult to overcome as the physical injuries.

Truck accidents can be some of the most devastating of all motor vehicle collisions, as the sheer weight and size of a truck can overpower passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and pedestrians. The trauma can be extreme for victims of these crashes, and the psychological effects can cause nightmares, anxiety, and possibly the fear of driving or riding in a motor vehicle.

After being diagnosed with PTSD because of an 18-wheeler crash, it’s important to get the advice of an Austin truck accident PTSD lawyer from Colley & Colley, LLP.

The Pain of PTSD

PTSD is a mental health disorder that originates with a terrifying event, such as a truck accident. For some accident victims, the emotional pain and anguish may continue for months or years after the physical injuries have healed.

The psychological injuries of PTSD, such as anxiety and depression, can cause intense suffering and interfere with your everyday life. For example, your ability to earn an income and your relationships with others could both be damaged by the effects of PTSD.

PTSD Symptoms After a Truck Wreck

Symptoms of PTSD may be short term, long term, or even indefinite. They can interfere with your day-to-day functioning and disrupt even the most basic of tasks. Common symptoms of PTSD may include any of the following:

  • Flashbacks (reliving the traumatic event)
  • Nightmares about the traumatic event
  • Severe anxiety
  • Being frightened with no obvious reason why
  • Recurrent and uncontrollable memories about the traumatic event
  • Avoiding places, activities, or people that are a reminder of the traumatic event

Lost wages and future income, as well as mounting medical expenses, are some of the consequences of suffering from PTSD. Not only can the physical and emotional trauma be debilitating, the financial repercussions can be devastating as well.

The High Price of PTSD

Seeking treatment for PTSD can be an expensive affair, but it’s important to get the support of an emotional therapist or psychologist to help you recover. When combined with the proper prescription medications, counseling from experienced healthcare professionals can make a significant difference in overcoming the emotional distress caused by your truck accident.

An Austin truck accident PTSD lawyer will be essential to recovering the compensation you need to pay for your treatment and medications—both your current expenses and the cost of future treatments.

Consult an Austin Semi-Truck Wreck Attorney

Colley & Colley, LLP has a proven history of success helping victims who have suffered PTSD caused by accidents. To explore your options for monetary restitution and to get your questions answered, contact our office as soon as you are able.

Compassionate and dedicated to your case, Colley & Colley, LLP will represent you from the beginning to the end of the legal process. Call us today at 512-477-2001 or submit the contact form below to schedule your free case evaluation.