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Austin MAL

Austin Motorcycle Accident Nerve Damage Lawyer

From biker’s arm to paralysis, motorcycle crashes can inflict incredibly serious nerve injuries. Get compensated for what you’ve experienced by working with an Austin motorcycle accident nerve damage lawyer.

While brain injuries and amputations are commonly associated with motorcycle crashes, nerve damage is also a common result. Where the damage occurs can vary quite a bit, with many spine injuries involving damage to the nerves and the hands and arms also being commonly afflicted.

Losing sensation or experiencing chronic pain can have a tremendous impact on both your quality of life and the types of activities that you are able to take part in. When someone else caused the motorcycle wreck that left you with nerve damage, that individual or entity should also compensate you for your losses. An Austin motorcycle accident nerve damage lawyer can help you obtain this compensation.

What Is Biker’s Arm?

Possibly the most common form of nerve damage seen in motorbike wrecks, biker’s arm can occur when a rider attempts to brace for impact by extending his or her arm, which then suffers the brunt of the collision. This level of trauma then damages the nerves in the limb, usually near the shoulder.

Whether the ulnar, radial, or median nerve is damaged, numbness and paralysis of the limb are the most common symptoms of biker’s arm. Either can have a substantial negative impact on your quality of life.

The Impact of Nerve Damage

While biker’s arm is bad enough, sometimes motorcycle crash nerve damage can affect the spinal cord. This could lead to full or partial paralysis, making it necessary to substantially change the way you live your life.

Even if you aren’t paralyzed by the crash, nerve damage can be incredibly painful. You might be forced to rely on addictive narcotics and other prescription medications in order to manage your pain. Not only is this expensive, but it can interfere with your cognitive functions and your ability to drive and work.

A Full Settlement for Your Nerve Injury

The financial settlement that you ultimately receive for your motorcycle crash should account for all of the financial expenses and non-economic losses that you’ve suffered because of your nerve damage. In some cases, nerve injuries are permanent, so it will be essential to ensure that your payout factors in your future needs, as well.

Listed below are just a few of the items that will need to be included in your settlement when they apply to your situation:

  • Medical care, including, surgeries, procedures, and treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medication
  • Special braces and mobility equipment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost companionship and sexual function
  • Decreased quality of life

Get Help from an Austin Motorcycle Crash Nerve Injury Lawyer

At Colley & Colley, we have extensive experience seeking compensation for victims injured in motorcycle accidents. Don’t let an insurance company get away with telling you what your claim is worth. Instead, let us help you fully assess the value of your crash and nerve damage so that you can get the most comprehensive settlement possible.

To get started on your personal injury claim, simply give us a call at 1-877-411-2001 or complete the online contact form at the bottom of this page.