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Austin MAL

Austin Distracted Driving Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If a driver allowed a distraction to cause the wreck that you were hurt in, you deserve a settlement to cover your damages. Work with an Austin distracted driving motorcycle accident lawyer and find out how to handle your claim.

From cell phone use to eating breakfast, distracted driving is responsible for thousands of traffic accidents everywhere. Motorcyclists possibly suffer the most in these crashes, as they have precious little protection during a crash and the distracted drivers who hit them often make no effort to stop or avoid them.

If you were riding a motorcycle and were hit by a distracted driver, you can and should seek compensation for your injuries and damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Getting a fair settlement isn’t a simple process—even when the other party was obviously at fault—but an Austin distracted driving motorcycle accident lawyer from Colley & Colley can help you bring your claim to a successful resolution.

The Many Forms of Distracted Driving

While distracted driving makes the driver in question’s fault blatantly obvious, this is only the case if the distraction can be proven. This is probably the most difficult step of building your case, and how it is done will depend on the precise distraction that was involved:

  • Cell Phone UseTexting, Internet browsing, and app use are easily the most common causes of these collisions. When a driver is focused on his or her phone, it increases the odds that they’ll fail to notice a motorcycle’s smaller profile. Your attorney will likely need to request cell phone records to discover what the driver was doing prior to the crash.
  • Eating – Many drivers attempt to eat on the go—with disastrous consequences. Food wrappers and containers in the car can often help prove your case.
  • Arguing with Passengers – If another person in the vehicle caused the wreck, video surveillance might be helpful, but oftentimes testimony taken under oath during a deposition is required.
  • Grooming and Applying Makeup – Focusing on a mirror is a sure way to wind up rear-ending a motorcyclist or drifting into another lane. As above, testimony and video footage will likely be necessary.

Settling Your Motorcycle Crash Claim

The injuries and damages you suffer because of a distracted driver will need to be compensated to you. This principle applies to both your financial expenses and your non-economic damages. By working closely with your attorney and your healthcare providers, it will be possible to uncover all of your losses and estimate what your future crash-related needs will be.

Your financial damages will consist of any loss that has a direct monetary value. The medical and therapy bills incurred by your injuries will be the most obvious, with any lost income and missed time at work caused by your recovery being a close second. However, we’ll also need to account for all of the less-obvious damages, such as transportation expenses, home renovations, and caretaker wages.

The negative impact caused to your quality of life will make up your non-economic damages. These cover pain and suffering, loss of consortium, emotional distress, and lost enjoyment of life.

Contact an Austin Cell Phone Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Colley & Colley can help you prove the at-fault driver’s distraction and get you a comprehensive settlement for your motorcycle wreck. For more information on how we can help you, schedule a free consultation by calling 1-877-411-2001 or by completing the contact form below.