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Austin Intersection Car Accident Lawyer

Although most people associate car accidents with high speeds and heavy traffic areas like interstates, some of the most common areas to experience a car accident are in Austin’s many intersections. This is because of some unique elements that only intersections have. Even at low speeds, these type of accidents can be some of the most dangerous types to occur.

The cause is often driver error, but it sometimes involves traffic lights that aren't working properly or dangerous road conditions. In any case, an Austin intersection car accident lawyer at Colley Firm P.C. can help you get any compensation you are entitled to.

Texas Intersection Fatalities

The Texas Department of Transportation releases several reports each year after they finish digesting and organizing the data. One such report, the Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Highlights, states that in 2014 alone, 823 fatalities occurred at or were related to intersections in Texas. Almost every one of those fatalities could have been prevented if drivers were taking their time and paying attention to other drivers and people at the intersections.

Common Intersection Injuries

Fatalities aren't always the result of an intersection accident. One of the most common ways to be hit in an intersection is from behind. The result is often whiplash or some other type of back or neck injury, which can lead to long-term issues and more severe injuries down the road.

Some of the worst accidents occur when a vehicle is in the middle of the intersection and is hit head-on from the side, causing a T-bone accident. In any event, even if drivers aren’t speeding, intersection car accidents can be some of the most dangerous accidents.

Intersection Dangers

There is a reason that car accidents at intersections are so dangerous. In other areas of the road, you are more likely to run off the road or be sideswiped. In more extreme cases, you may even swerve into oncoming traffic.

The risk at an intersection is that there is traffic coming from every direction. If you happen to be sitting at a red light, you don't even have the ability to move out of the way when you see a vehicle coming at you. There is a very real risk of being pushed out into traffic that may be coming from any direction.

Some of the most common accidents to occur at intersections are multiple vehicle accidents simply because everyone is pushed into someone else.

Experienced Intersection Car Accident Lawyers

The injuries sustained from an intersection accident can be severe and debilitating. They can change lives for the worse. When they do, you need the assistance of our experienced Austin intersection car accident lawyers.

If your car accident was caused by someone else who wasn’t paying attention at the intersection, was speeding, or was not obeying traffic signs, you could be entitled to compensation. Don’t suffer the effects of your car accident alone. Contact us online or call us toll-free at 1-844-325-9290 for a free case evaluation.