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Austin and Tyler Distracted Driving Texting While Driving Accident Lawyer

Texting While Driving and Other Dangerous Behaviors While Driving

Safe driving takes two hands on the wheel and two eyes on the road. Anything that preoccupies a driver's hands or divides a driver's attention seriously endangers the rest of us who share the road. Text messaging is especially dangerous because it is a perfect storm of manual, visual and mental distraction.

Texting while driving or talking on a cell phone are not illegal in Texas. However, distracted drivers can be held responsible in a claim for damages if their inattention caused a crash or contributed to greater injuries. The personal injury lawyers of Colley & Colley, LLP, are committed to hold those drivers responsible for the needless devastation.

With offices in Austin and Tyler, we handle motor vehicle accidents in East Texas and beyond. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

Texas Distracted Driver Laws

  • Drivers under age 18 cannot use wireless devices of any kind while driving.
  • Drivers of any age cannot use handheld devices in school crossing zones.
  • School bus drivers cannot text or use cell phones while children are present.
  • The city of Austin has banned texting and all use of mobile devices while driving.
  • A statewide ban on texting while driving was vetoed in 2011 by Governor Perry.

Austin Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys

The driver responsible for your accident cannot hide behind "It's a free country" or "I didn't break any law." In civil court, a distracted driver can be found liable for damages for failing to maintain control of the vehicle or for operating in a manner that recklessly or carelessly endangered others.

As traffic congestion has increased and technology has advanced, the list of dangerous and distracting things that people do while operating a motor vehicle has also grown:

  • Talking on a handheld cell phone
  • Typing or reading text messages
  • Using smartphone apps, games or the Internet
  • Applying make-up or shaving
  • Reading books or newspapers
  • Eating and drinking

While none of these actions is illegal (yet), the growing body of research clearly shows that distracted driving is an accident waiting to happen. Using any handheld device quadruples the risk of an injury crash. Even a hands-free cell phone reduces the driver's attention to the road and raises the risk of an accident. Talking on a cell phone reduces a driver's reaction time as much as a drunk driver's. And texting while driving is the worst of all; a texting driver's eyes look away from the road for an average of five seconds at a time.

Tyler Attorneys for Victims of Texting While Driving

The skilled trial lawyers of Colley & Colley know how to present a compelling case to the insurance adjuster or a jury, as illustrated by our many notable verdicts and settlements. We also hire accident reconstruction and human factors experts as needed to show how distracted driving triggered the chain of events that caused our clients' serious injuries.

We are committed to your full compensation for injuries or a wrongful death. Reach our East Texas personal injury lawyers today by calling 844.325.9290, or contact us by e-mail to arrange a free case evaluation.