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Austin Car Accident Statistics

With Austin being as large a city as it is, the Austin car accident statistics can include a great deal of information. For the most part, just about every accident that has happened could have been prevented.

Instead, someone’s actions ended up changing other people’s lives and, in some cases, ending them. Statistics give traffic regulators and designers something to review so that they may then improve current road and driving conditions. So when a new law comes about, it isn't necessarily about wanting to control citizens, but rather keeping citizens alive and safe when they are behind the wheel.

Car Accident Fatalities in Austin

The City of Austin 2012 Traffic Fatality Report reveals that seventy-eight people died in car accidents in Austin in 2012 alone. In fact, one in 200 accidents in Austin resulted in a fatality. What was the biggest culprit? Speeding. In fact, 32 percent of all fatal accidents in Austin occurred simply because people were driving faster than they should have been.

Another staggering number was eighteen. No, it wasn’t about becoming an adult. Instead, it's about the 18 percent of fatalities that occurred because the individual was not wearing a seat belt. And if you want to know when the safest hours to drive are, consider any time between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., and this is especially true on the weekends when most fatal accidents in Austin occur.

Texas Driving Trends

What about the rest of Texas? Fatalities aren't the only result of accidents. Sometimes, people have to live with disfigurements or injuries that last a lifetime. Texas is a big state, and the reasons behind so many lives being changed are so simple, you may find it perplexing.

The Texas Department of Transportation states that in 2014, 125,126 accidents occurred as a result of speeding. Another 91,833 were the result of driver inattention. Further, 29,571 accidents happened because people changed lanes when it was not safe to do so, and 12,303 accidents occurred just because someone decided to disregard a stop sign or other traffic signal.

It isn't just in Texas, though. Driver inattentiveness, speeding, and other unsafe driving practices have been increasing all across the country. One look at Austin car accident statistics tells you not only how dangerous it can be to drive, but also how careless people can be when they are on the road.

What the Statistics Mean to You

Because Texas statistics show that the majority of car accident injuries and fatalities occur as a result of speeding, driver distraction, and disregarding traffic signs, we can determine that most accidents are completely preventable.

When someone else’s negligence on the road ends up causing a car accident, the victims should receive compensation to help with their injuries and damages. You might be the safest driver on the road, but you can’t prevent other people from being careless.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, the attorneys at Colley Firm P.C. can help make sure you get any compensation you deserve. Contact us online or call us toll-free at 1-844-325-9290 for a free case evaluation.