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    defective prescription

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    Motorcycle injury

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5 Reasons Why Speeding is Not Worth It

Accidents involving speeding drivers can be disastrous. Injuries sustained after speeding accidents are usually severe due to the heavy impact, momentum and acceleration. Speeding accidents are almost always avoidable; the source of these accidents usually stems from the driver losing control of the vehicle because of the speed at which they were driving.

As tempting as it may be to barrel down the highway to reach your destination on time, there are a number of benefits to driving within the speed limit. Below are 5 reasons why speeding is simply not worth it.

1. Waste of gas

When you quickly alternate between accelerating and decelerating your gas gets eaten up. While driving over the speed limit other drivers may be driving the speed limit, which may force you to hastily slow down or screech to a halt to avoid colliding with them. Stomping on your brakes suddenly or fast driving forces your engine to run faster, which requires more gas.

Increase in insurance premiums

2. Before deciding your premium rates insurance companies check your driving record. Traffic tickets and traffic violations are a few things that determine the rate of your insurance. A driver with a history of traffic tickets and violations is considered a high risk driver, which translates to higher rates. Some insurance companies increase your rates after you receive a traffic ticket. Depending on the insurance company the rate may vary depending on the offense.

3. Cost of damages

If you have been in an accident involving a speeding driver you can bet there will be damages to your vehicle or to the other vehicles. Damages from a speeding accident can range from a dented bumper to a completely totaled car. Repairs for damaged car parts can be extremely expensive. Also, dealing with insurance companies after your vehicle has been totaled can be an burdensome experience. Not only do you have to file a claim with the insurance company you have to rent a rental car,  which can add unnecessary stress to your life.

4. Injury

The high impact and sudden momentum of speeding accidents can result in serious injury to unsuspecting driver as well as the speeding driver. Traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and lacerations are just a few of the injuries that a speeding accident can cause. Medical bills, hospital time, and rehabilitation are not enjoyable experiences to endure. Driving within the speed limit can prevent injury and save lives.

5. Harming the environment

Driving at a speed of 70mph consumes more fuel than driving at a speed of 65mph. More fuel means a greater combustion of fossil fuels, which emits carbon dioxide that can harm the environment. A large portion of air pollution can be attributed to gasses emitted by vehicles. You can decrease your carbon footprint by driving slower.

Speeding is not worth the damages to your car, loss of life, increase in your insurance rates, and harm to the environment.

If you have been in an accident involving a speeding driver, feel free to contact us at Colley and Colley.