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5 Reasons to Not Text and Drive

Texting and driving advertisements are usually difficult for viewers to stomach. They often involve a teenager accompanied by several passengers. In the next scene the teen driver briefly diverts their attention from the road to send a text. In the two seconds it takes for the driver to send a text they collide into another vehicle. The collision is usually so graphic and violent it implies that the crash was either fatal or left the victims with serious injuries. The end of the commercial then projects and ominous message, along the lines of "Texting and Driving Kills" in white letters against a simple black screen. As uncomfortable as these adverts can be to watch, the message is quite important and needs to be taken seriously. Accidents involving reckless drivers take the lives of innocent drivers and pedestrians every single day.

Listed below are 5 great reasons to not text and drive.

1. It is against the law

As the number of road incidents involving texting and driving increase state and local governments are feeling compelled to pass laws that prohibit texting and driving. In many states it is illegal to text while operating a vehicle. Punishment usually involves a fine issued to the driver. Depending on state laws a certain number of citations can result in the suspension of a license. Sending a two letter text is not worth a 200 hundred dollar fine.

2. Endangers passengers

As soon as passengers step foot into your vehicle you automatically become responsible for their wellbeing. If you engage in reckless driving, such as texting and driving and something were to happen to your passengers you must carry that burden. Driving with passengers is an enormous responsibility that should be taken seriously.

3. Endangers other motorists

Passengers are not the only people who are placed at risk by reckless driving behavior. Other motorists sharing the road can also be seriously injured by these type of accidents. Sometimes it is difficult for other drivers to anticipate reckless driving from other motorists. For this reason, their reaction times may be too slow to avoid drivers with eyes off the road.

4. Endangers pedestrians

Unlike other motorists, pedestrians are not protected by seat belts or the exterior of cars. Also unlike motorists, pedestrians are harder to spot because they are smaller and can get lost in blind spots. When a vehicle collides with a pedestrian, the pedestrian always suffers more serious injuries. In unfortunate cases these accidents are fatal.

5. Endangers the driver

Texting and driving increases the your likelihood of being involved in an accident by 23%. Consider the importance of the message and compare that to your wellbeing. Your life will always be more important than a text message. If the message is extremely important, pullover, park, and then handle the situation.

The next time you hear your phone buzz while driving, think of these 5 reasons and reconsider.

If you have been the victim of reckless driving such as texting and driving, contact us at Colley and Colley.