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    Motorcycle injury

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Austin MAL

5 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Individuals involved in motorcycle accidents tend to suffer more serious injuries than those involved in automobile accidents. Lack of protection from other vehicles  and exposure to other objects on the road place motorcyclists in more danger. Educating yourself on the most common type of accidents can help protect you while riding on the road.

1. Encountering a patch of gravel or sand

Without warning your tires may make contact with a patch of gravel, sand, or other debris. Sudden change in the surface texture of a path may cause you to lose control of your bike. To avoid this always ride at a pace that allows for reasonable response and brake time.

2. Rounding a corner too fast

Road signs are place to indicate drivers of sharp turns. Stay alert for signage such as this. Whether you are aware of a sharp corner or not it is always advisable for motorcyclists to slow down when rounding any corners. It is much easier to lose control of a bike than an automobile when rounding a corner. When turning a corner always trust your judgement, if you feel you are unable to slow down make the possible adjustments. Try not stomp on the brake while you turn, this will throw you off your bike and leave you skidding down the road.

3. Other drivers don't see you

Often times motorcyclists end up in the blind spot of other drivers. Motorcycles are small enough to stay hidden. For this reason sometimes drivers change lanes without warning cutting off motorcyclists in the process. If you are able to make direct eye contact with other drivers you can almost guarantee that they can see you too. Watch for signs that signify an automobile driver changing lanes. turning on their signal, veering slowly to one side of the lane, or slowing down are all indications that a driver may want to change lanes.

4. Other drivers suddenly turning

Sudden turns made by other drivers can also be caused by blind spots. It is also quite possible that the driver did see you but miscalculated your speed or distance from them. Miscalculation of speed or distance can cause the driver to make a premature or sudden turn causing you to brake suddenly. To avoid situations like this, you as a motorcyclist must be able to recognize the signs. The signs are very similar to those of a car changing lanes. Turning on the signal is the best indication. Other ones such as a gradual decrease in speed or if a driver keep turning off and turning their signal. It is possible the driver wants to turn, but is just unsure which turn they need to take to arrive at their destination. Try to always watch the wheels of a car. The wheels move in the direction before the car does.

The best way to protect yourself as a motorcyclists is to develop fast reflexes and always remain alert on the road. As a motorcyclist you don't have the luxury of being surrounding by 2, 000 pounds of steel. Ride with caution.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, feel free to contact us at Colley and Colley.